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To cope with the challenges of today’s ever changing environment, Quint helps you define the right organizational strategy by quickly assessing your situation, analyzing it and advising you on the best course of action.


Quint Consulting is an independent consulting firm dedicated to resolving IT-related organizational challenges.

Quint Consulting is an independent consulting firm dedicated to resolving IT-related organizational challenges.Operating in more than 49 countries Quint provides strategy, sourcing, IT governance and IT performance management advisory to leading organizations, creating and implementing best practices worldwide. Our consultants include industry thought leaders, authors and contributors to the ongoing improvement of IT driven organizations and to methodologies such as eSCM, CobiT®, CMMi, ITIL®, Lean and Six Sigma.



  • IT Strategy

    Quint provides a broad suite of IT strategy and governance services, combined under Business Information Management. One of these services is ‘Developing an IT-Strategy’, where Quint together with the client analyzes and defines...

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  • IT Architecture & Innovation

    Your market continuously demands innovation. Products and services rapidly evolve to meet customer requirements. How do you make sure that your IT organization is a reliable partner for your business?

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  • IT Governance

    Successful sourcing requires successful governance. Your governance structure is a key enabling factor to the reliability of your IT organization. What does your governance do to bring you to the next...

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  • Sourcing Advisory

    Do you want to focus more on your core business? Get a grip on IT expenditure? Is there a need to expand your IT knowledge or are you working on the improvement of the quality of service? Quint provides...

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  • IT Improvement

    Virtually every organization is dependent on reliable IT. How to really improve the performance of your IT organization? This question arises from multiple needs: not satisfied users, cost are too high...

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