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ISO/IEC 20000 Implementation Training & Certification

Course Approach
Quint’s 3-day APMG ISO/IEC20000 course is a highly interactive workshop on organizational improvement. This course offers a unique series of focused sessions where you are educated on the full potential of ISO/IEC20000.

The course provides experience-based guidelines and concepts regarding implementing ISO/IEC20000, with special emphasis on the ‘soft’ aspects of changing an organization. This, undoubtedly, will allow for the development of essential skills to support the decision making process and, allow for the drawing up of detailed implementation approach for your organization.

Both through lecture and hands-on exercises you will experience how to:

  • Understand the ISO/IEC20000 framework, its processes and requirements
  • Gain insight in executing a successful ISO/IEC20000 implementation, covering both the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ aspects.
  • Share ISO/IEC20000 implementation experiences with an experienced Quint consultant.
  • Ensure you pass the APMG exam and obtain the APMG’s ISO/IEC20000 Consultant Certificate.
  • Understand the potential contributions of the ISO/IEC20000 i.e. increased manageability of an organization’s service, infrastructure and applications.


Target Audience 
This ISO/IEC20000 Implementation Course is developed for organizations with employees involved in implementing the ISO/IEC20000 framework, within an IT environment.
You are expected to have detailed knowledge of ITIL Foundation, ISO 20000 : 2011.

The ISO/IEC20000 Implementation Course takes three days and combines theoretical sessions with practical hands-on exercises (approximately 30% of the time)


  • Certified at ITIL Foundation level or APMG/ISO 20000 : 2011 Foundation
  • Have experience in projects, managerial or management of change.

This course prepares you for the official APMG exam and obtains the APMG’s ISO/IEC20000 Practitioner Certificate.

Course Structure
Day 1

  • Theory: What is ISO/IEC20000 and how it can solve specific business challenges.
  • Theory: Explain the individual of both part one and two of the standard, its requirements and how these requirements can be met and audited on.
  • Practical: Introduction to case study. 

Day 2

  • Practical: Exercise based on the case study highlighting the key issues and improvement areas.
  • Theory: Guidelines on executing a successful ISO/IEC20000 implementation project (hard aspects).
  • Practical: Exercise-based on the case study with emphasis on the ‘hard’ aspects.
  • Theory: Guidelines on executing a successful ISO/IEC20000 implementation project (soft aspects).

Day 3

  • Practical: Exercise-based case study with emphasis on the soft aspects.
  • Theory: Auditing and certification on ISO/IEC20000.
  • Theory: Managing your interfaces with development, suppliers and customers.
  • Practical: Mapping theory to the participants’ organizations and tackling specific issues.
  • Multiple choice exam followed by a written exam.

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