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eQuivalent TCO Monitoring

eQuivalent TCO Monitoring

Compare your IT performance to
market prices and best practices

Organizations are constantly looking for ways to make their use of IT more efficient (lower costs) and more effective (fit for purpose). As a consulting firm specialized in IT management, Quint Wellington Redwood is continuously involved in this quest. Budgets – including IT budgets – are under pressure. At the same time, customers expect IT departments to continue to innovate and modernize. More and more business processes are being automated and IT complexity is increasing, thus reducing transparency. This leads to questions regarding IT costs, such as:

  • Have I optimized my cost structure?
  • Am I spending my money effectively and efficiently?
  • Are my IT costs in line with the market?
  • Am I paying too much?
  • Is my business case still valid?
  • Is the use of IT delivering a positive ROI for the business?

Our Service

Our experience with the issues and questions described above, led to the development of eQuivalent. eQuivalent is a consultancy service for monitoring the financial performance of IT. Quint uses the eQuivalent platform as the basis for gathering and managing the relevant data. Using eQuivalent, Quint can compare your IT performance (in terms of financial, quantitative and qualitative KPIs) to market prices and best practices.

Market Alignment Framework

eQuivalent is based on Quint’s Market Alignment Framework (MAF), a standardized product and services catalog. MAF provides a structure, based on ‘building blocks’, for IT products and services. The application of MAF allows IT products and services to be compared to market data in terms of scope, quality and costs. It thus provides a transparent basis for assessing competitiveness and focusing on the price-quality ratio of IT. MAF provides both you and your supplier with an objective and transparent reference framework and steering mechanism, thereby safeguarding the relationship and preventing undesirable discussions and unforeseen additional costs. eQuivalent is a unique service that combines the use of MAF, proven analytical models and Quint’s years of practical experience (globally and in multiple industries).

Why is eQuivalent important?

With eQuivalent, Quint offers you the possibility to better understand your IT costs, to provide transparency to your customers and to focus on the fact-based management of your internal and external suppliers. Moreover, Quint ensures that you gain insight into the development of costs in changing internal and external environments so that you are able to manage your TCO better.

The added value of eQuivalent

  • Saving time
  • Cutting costs
  • Managing risks and threats
  • Enabling transparent market conformity checks
  • Supporting a fact-based decision-making process

License type

Depending on the license/contract type, you are entitled to a report from Quint on a project, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. The reports are based on the data you submit and your eQuivalent consultant will set down visible trends regarding your organization in relation to market developments.