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Sourcing Advisory

Achieve business goals with the optimal sourcing mix

As the market becomes ever more connected and global, organizations need to stay competitive. To stay competitive it is imperative that organizations apply sourcing strategically. The golden rules are: be best at your core business, ensure technological innovations are used to their maximal potential and underlying operations and IT is being performed in the best possible way. This requires focus, great talent management, a lean operation aligned with the right ecosystem of partners and service providers for optimal performance. Cloud solutions, BPO, SaaS platforms, mobility, offshoring and new shared service concepts offer promising potential. To harvest that potential, organizations should use the available sourcing best practices, lessons learned and expertise.
Sourcing Strategy and Advisory

Sourcing Strategy

Together with senior management and stakeholders, Quint designs the optimal sourcing mix in line with business goals. Based on our sourcing lifecycle, 20 years of experience and clear overview of (im-)possibilities in the market place, we ensure organizations create the winning sourcing strategy. A sourcing strategy defines what services stay in-house, what services are joined in shared services, what services are outsourced et cetera. All decisions are agreed upon by senior management and relevant stakeholders and are clearly aligned to the goals and ambition of the organization. Quint is independent: we are not an ITO or BPO service provider, nor do we compete with our customers. We do not push outsourcing or insourcing as such, but create the optimal mix of sourcing options in line with business goals.
Cloud Sourcing Consultancy

Cloud Sourcing

Quint knows the opportunities and risks that cloud offerings bring to you. From our experience of sourcing to the cloud we understand what works and what does not, where risks are and how they should be mitigated. We perform cloud readiness assessments to get clarity on the applicability of cloud solutions within your organization. Our sourcing strategy determines the domains where cloud delivers benefits. It also creates a clear approach on how to select and contract the right service provider to deliver the services. Whether it is hosting, workplace, mobility, storage, Office or specific SaaS solutions. Finally we help organizations implement cloud solutions in their existing IT landscape.
IT Infrastructure and Application Outsourcing

IT Infrastructure and Application Outsourcing

Whether in commercial settings or public settings we have the experts who ensure the optimal results are achieved from sourcing. Depending on the sourcing strategy, a traditional RFI/RFP approach can be used, Best Value Procurement or a dialogue followed by an explicit offer. Sometimes elements of various approaches are combined to cater to a specific situation. Whether it is about datacenter, hosting, connectivity, mobile, workplace, service desk, applications, cloud and/or SaaS, Quint has the best practices, templates and examples that kick-start your sourcing initiative. Quint brings its best practices and experience to get to a sourcing agreement that leads to a successful transition and fruitful relationship. 
Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

Quint advises and guides organizations through the needed steps within the sourcing lifecycle. Quint is independent: we are not a BPO service provider, nor do we compete with our customers. We are therefore optimally positioned to help you with the design and implementation of a successful sourcing initiative. Quint has the best practices, templates and examples that kick-start the sourcing initiative of your organization. This could be in the field of supporting processes such as; Resource Management, Finance & Accounting, Call Centers and Facility Management. Apart from that our consultants ensure that stakeholders are aligned, communication is controlled (for instance towards staff, works council, regulatory bodies, providers and press) and the initiative is managed front to back.

Best Value Procurement for IT

Best Value Procurement

Quint guides organizations through their procurement or outsourcing process. Our consultants are skilled in applying BVP in outsourcing settings and advice companies on doing the same. Based on our experience we know when BVP can be applied successfully and when to use a different procurement method. When BVP is applied it requires a serious mind shift that is probably best characterized as a paradigm shift from ‘dictating’ to ‘conferring responsibility’. Organizations that wish to reap the benefits of BVP can do so by making use of Quint’s best practices, experience and guidance. With Quint you are able to determine when BVP can best be applied. We lead and guide organizations through the application of BVP in there sourcing initiatives and we train procurement and sourcing professionals in applying BVP in an IT and/or outsourcing context.
Design & Setup of nearshore and offshore

Design & Setup of nearshore and offshore

Quint advises and guides organizations through the needed steps to design and implement successful near- and offshore outsourcing. Our research department ensures the latest data on delivery models, provider capabilities and pricing is available to our customers. Based on our best practices, templates and examples the right provider is selected and contracted and successful transition of services can take place. We guide you towards a successful global delivery model in line with business goals. We help you with local support and insight in offshore locations and have the resources and experience to overcome the barriers to implementation.

Sourcing Training and Certification

Sourcing Training and Certification

Quint Academy offers various training courses including Sourcing Governance Foundation, Best Value Procurement, COBIT® 5.0 and the IAOP® Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) masterclass.
Webinar Recordings on Sourcing

Webinar Recordings on Sourcing

Through this link you will find a list of previously hosted webinars from our experts at Quint Wellington Redwood Simply click any of the links to watch the webinar you're interested in.