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Recent developments in IT methodologies have given rise to a spate of new concepts like Agile, Scrum, DevOps and Lean. The term Agile is used to denote a new way of developing software (Agile Software Development), running projects (Agile Project Management) and running an IT organization (Scaled Agile Framework). These methods were developed as response to problems experienced within IT and, particularly, in the delivery of added-value to the customers of IT. More specifically, this course will help you to decide which methods will work for you and which will not. The question is: beyond the technicalities of implementing one or more of these methods, what do they mean to you as an executive, manager or senior professional within IT? We take a managerial view of the issues and help you to make the best choices in your situation. The Quint Academy offers a practical curriculum aimed at giving IT executives, managers and senior professionals the tools to help their organizations solve one of the most persistent problems confronting IT: delivering innovation effectively and efficiently.

Course and Learning Objectives

The DevOps and Agile course addresses the key challenge of getting from an idea in the business to working software implemented in production and useable by the customer. DevOps and Agile participants will gain hands-on, in-depth knowledge of these topics. The key objective of this course is to give you a deep understanding of both the methods and their practical applications. We will debunk the myths, misconceptions and promises so that you can make informed and realistic decisions in your own IT organization. Based on a profound comprehension of DevOps and Agile, candidates are enabled to immediately apply their newly obtained insights and skills to benefit their own environment.

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Accelerated software development and improved operations performance


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Seven Key Factors to be successful with DevOps


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