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Several years ago, the first organizations started taking stock of whether ICT outsourcing had been generating the results initially anticipated. Many organizations came to the realization that outsourcing objectives were not being achieved and that structured attention needed to be paid to managing outsourcing processes. To address these issues, Quint launched its Demand Supply Governance (DSG) concept in 2001 together with several large Dutch organizations and then went on to develop sourcing governance best practices based on the Sourcing Governance Framework. In recent years, many organizations have been setting up governance frameworks – discussion as to the point of doing so is no longer the issue. Moreover, in-house IT services are also increasingly being managed by the DSG organization. In-house supply has thereby become one of the sourcing options. Service management and supply have been explicitly segregated in order to professionalize DSG and to maintain the proper focus. In doing so, the governance organization's role has been subject to continuous change, shifting from that ofservice provider to governance. 

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