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IT Service Management Training Courses

Command, Control & Compliancy of IT

Organizations should be able to blindly trust that their IT services properly support their processes. As the importance of IT to business operations increases, client organizations are setting increasingly higher requirements. To name a few examples: high availability, constant capacity at the required levels, costs optimization, flexibility, appropriate support and a short time to market. IT Service & Performance Management is the field that involves setting up, managing and improving the IT services provided to internal and external clients. Quint Academy offers a series of training programs and courses in this field, based on frameworks and standards like Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®), ISO/IEC 20000 (Service Quality Management), Change Management and Application Service Library (ASL®). We offer training courses for novice professionals right through to experienced managers, in a variety of formats including workshops, group courses and simulation games.

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Radically Improved IT Performance based on ‘Customer Experience’


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Maximize Value from Your IT Service Management Transformation



Seven rules for creating a successful global IT services organization


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