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Sourcing & Procurement Training Courses

Effective (out)sourcing of business processes & IT services

Sourcing & Procurement is all about ensuring IT services and products add value to the business of organizations, and allows organizations to innovate and get control over their IT. At a time when developments follow one another at a faster and faster pace and increasingly higher requirements are set for the agility and flexibility of IT services, processes and systems, sourcing and governance are hot topics within organizations. The same applies when cost efficiency and the associated quality are of importance to your competitive advantage. Quint Academy offers training courses in which you can immediately acquire the knowledge, insight and skills you need to manage your IT effectively and cost-efficiently. Quint Academy offers various courses including Sourcing Governance Foundation, Best Value Procurement, COBIT® 5.0 and the IAOP® Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) masterclass. The acquired knowledge and know-how can be used to determine the strategy of your own organization and it can then be translated into an effective policy for IT governance. In this section of the portfolio, the focus of the courses is on assessing sourcing issues and managing the sourcing procedure. These courses enable participants to act more effectively when sourcing IT services, and managing IT suppliers and Demand-Supply Organizations. The market-leading Demand Supply Governance Framework developed by Quint is used in the courses mentioned above. This means that the courses in the Sourcing & Governance section of the portfolio are in alignment with internationally recognized standards and lead to internationally recognized certification.

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Strategic Sourcing of the Application Portfolio


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Achieving Innovation and Collaboration in Outsourcing Relationships


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Quint awarded top ratings in outsourcing for third consecutive year.

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