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IAOP®: COP Master Class including Case Study and additional Outsourcing Governance Workshop

Course Description:
The Master Class is an integral part of the IAOP COP (certified outsourcing professional) program. It provides outsourcing professionals with an intensive, case study driven learning experience on the state-of-the-art, end-to-end process for outsourcing success. The three-day live Certified Outsourcing Professional® (COP) Master Class, which is extended with an Outsourcing Governance Workshop, will prepare you to identify and assess the implications of applicable business regulations and statutes, including specific laws and regulations. The fourth day, the additional workshop, is about understanding the different stages of growth in governance. Those who successfully completed the courses will be able to identify and assess the requirements of various operation standards and certifications such as CMM and eSCM.

Course Approach:
The three day master class is built upon 10 standard categories and presented in 10 modules. On the fourth day, the Outsourcing Governance Workshop will take place. Next to the designated authorized IAOP trainer we will have guest speakers, who are selected based on their experience, and who will address various modules. The modules are;

Day 1;

  • Defining and Communicating Outsourcing as a Management Practice
  • Developing and Managing an Organization’s End-to-End Process for Outsourcing
  • Integrating Outsourcing into an Organization’s Business Strategy and Operations

Day 2;

  • Creating, Leading, and Sustaining High-Performance Outsourcing Project Teams
  • Developing and Communicating Outsourcing Business Requirements
  • Selecting Outsourcing Service Providers
  • Developing the Financial Outsourcing Case and Pricing

Day 3;

  • Negotiating and Contracting for an Outsourcing
  • Managing the transition to an Outsourced Environment
  • Outsourcing Governance

Day 4; Outsourcing Governance Workshop

  • Understanding the stages of growth in governance and assessing where your organization is positioned and how it can move further along the growth curve.
  • Designing and overseeing an organization’s outsourcing governance model, including:
    • Relationship management
    • Risk management
    • Operational delivery management and compliance tracking
    • Management and staff commitment
  • Defining and evaluating organizational alternatives and other dimensions for managing governance, including:
    • Outsourcing program management office
    • Creating a link between an outsourcer and its using organizations — at all levels Role of sourcing and other support organizations Tools and reporting mechanisms for creating consistency
  • Defining and implementing an interdependent planning methodology that include such elements as:
    • A regularly updated outsourcing business plan that puts in place a formal process for periodically reviewing and updating all aspects of the relationship between the companies, including strategies, operations, financial considerations, and business relationship management
    • A joint risk assessment planning system that is a forward-looking tool and an early warning system of potential opportunities and problems
    • Developing an understanding to be able to measure, assess, and achieve continual improvement in organizational outcomes through outsourcing relative to original goals and changing business needs
    • Establishing an audit process and methodology that assure compliance not only to governance, but also to various statutory requirements (such as SOX compliance in US or Safe Harbor Act for EU countries)

    During the course students will work on a case study called Capstone. The respective case description will be provided before the course. The information provided to students during the modules can be used to discuss and ‘solve’ the Capstone case. This includes the usage of the various templates that are provided to the students as well. As a team students will present their ‘advise’ in the afternoon of the 3rd day.

    Students will have discussion and preparation time available during the day and can decide to meet before and after course hours to further discuss and prepare the assignment.


Course Approach:
This Master Class is part of the IAOP COP program. Attending the Master Class is awarded with 75 points of the 150 points required for the COP certification. For the certification students will first have to apply for the program after attending the Master Class. Secondly, the students have to successfully pass the COP Exam, and finally, have demonstrate they possess the requisite capabilities through describing their experience in various references. This ‘demonstration’ will be validated and awarded with another 50 points. The remaining points can be earned by attending professional summits and trainings . For details please contact

Course Student Material:
Students will receive a printed copy of the student binder material on site. An electronic version will be send to them in advance as well as additional reading materials like an Expertpaper, several Whitepapers and the electronic version of the OPBOK (Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge) and the preparation material regarding the Capstone case study.

Reference material:
Provided upfront

Required knowledge:
Sourcing Foundation level

Target audience:
Outsourcing professionals at every level, whether they work as customers, providers or advisors

Training fees:
EUR 2.845,00

EUR 2.845,00

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