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Business Innovation Lifecycle Assessment

Business Innovation
Lifecycle Assessment

Predictable Innovation

Innovation or renewal is the introduction of new ideas, goods, services and processes. Innovation can take place within organizations, or alternatively within broader circles. The process of innovation is about taking a new (and preferably better) approach to how you do things. The spread of innovation is often referred to as innovation diffusion. In the dynamics of today’s market situation, organizations are often forced to reevaluate their business models in ways that no longer affect changes to sales and marketing, but actually affect the entire business. Getting the entire organization to think (cross-disciplinary) about the product/services and process innovation ensures that the outcome will be broadly supported. Business Innovation can hardly be considered something new. But the scale and speed at which innovative products/services and processes change the industrial landscape is greater than ever. For many organizations, now is the time to get to work on these challenges, working in a structured way with the aim of reconsidering previously made choices and redefining value creation for customers, employees and society. The Business Innovation Lifecycle is focused on supporting the creation of ideas, analyzing opportunities, decision making, creating business cases and real-life test environments, etc., and finally, implementing changes in existing business processes.

Our Service

Quint supports businesses by enabling them in a creative and structured way to develop new products/services that clearly offer added value. The support provided by Quint is aimed at collecting 100 ideas and whittling these down to no more than two usable products or services that can be taken into production. The tried and tested method that we use is called the Business Innovation Lifecycle method. What is unique about this approach is that it is an iterative process that includes as many diverse disciplines as possible within organizations, with representatives from the business, IT, HR, product development, production, etc.

Our Approach

Quint Business Innovation Generator offers clients an integrated method to devise new products, from the initial concept to the business case, supported by the following pillars of success:

  • Focus on innovation
  • Understanding what is really important for you as a client
  • Fresh perspective from an outsider
  • Effective creative process
  • Grass roots support from within

We offer a practical approach which businesses can use with expert support from Quint’s innovation specialists to develop appealing new product ideas (products and services). The focus will be on product ideas that appeal to the market (and to the organization) which enjoy sufficient internal support and are in line with the business strategy, and contribute to sales growth, profit and pride in the business.

Your Result

At all stages of the Lifecycle, Quint focuses on the following areas and ensures a consistent attention on:

  • Appealing to clients
  • Stands out in the market
  • Creates extra revenue potential for the client’s organization
  • Acts as a wayfinder for the innovation process
  • Is supported within the organization because of the approach chosen



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