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IT Service Management

Every organization depends on reliable and secure IT systems. Whether you're dealing with day-to-day business activities or innovative projects, a fully functioning IT department is always an essential condition for success. With almost 25 years of experience and hundreds of successful improvement projects under our belt, we advise clients on how to organize, optimize and manage their IT departments. We utilize our own best practices developed (such as IPW® and DSGF®) combined with best practices in the marketplace (such as ITIL®, ASL®, BiSL® and PRINCE2®). The expertise of Quint in the field of IT Service Management, Governance, Lean IT and Architecture & Innovation guarantees improved professionalism of your IT department's processes and business in line with all relevant standards.

ITSM Performance


IT Performance

Because people are the core value of every IT department, Quint's approach is focused on how workers within the IT department spend their time. How they spend their time can be directly influenced, and if implemented properly, the effect of changes in how they spend their time will be immediate. Furthermore, this direct and intensive collaboration with the workers of our clients contributes to grassroots acceptance of the organizational change. And a quantitative analysis based on the essential KPIs – those that add extra value to your IT organization – will add a layer of meaning to the current performance position and improvement potential. Furthermore, a qualitative analysis provides insight into the maturity of the processes and IT organization. The results will be staggering: dramatic reductions in the numbers of and lead times of unresolved incidents, or in the delivery times of change requests and projects, and the quality delivered. But above all, the IT department will work proactively rather than reactively and will use its time effectively and efficiently, thereby achieving a significant cost saving.

ITSM IT Project Management Improvement

IT Project Management Improvement

One of the key measures of a professional or a professional organization is whether they are capable of rolling out renovation and innovation. This is true for plumbers and perhaps more so for IT departments. The reputation of IT departments is not so good in this area, which means it is important that your IT department accepts, manages and takes projects into production in a professional way. The use of best practices offers an effective way to do this. However, best practices must be implemented correctly. Quint guarantees the success of projects within your IT department. We train project leaders and coach them to improve project implementation. Furthermore, we work with the IT management team and clients to create an environment in which projects can be implemented with excellence and are deployed in a controlled manner. Our aim is to deliver an assured project management method together with well-trained, experienced IT project managers. In the context of working steering groups, your IT department will ensure the success of projects.

ITSM Project and Portfolio Management

Project and Portfolio Management

Quint integrates expertise from the IT service management and information management practices, not just to gain a proper picture from the change portfolio, priorities and dependencies, but more especially to obtain a thorough understanding of the required time investment and dependencies of IT management. Quint works with you to create structure, templates and reports, and to implement and embed them in your IT organization.You gain practical methods and instruments to map out your change portfolio and to implement it in a controlled manner while maintaining the quality of your IT management. Progress will be clear and measurable so you can carry your environment with you and, where necessary, make adjustments to the work. This creates a manageable portfolio of projects and services which is in balance with the value that the business desires and with the costs that the business can bear.

ITSM IT Benchmarking

IT Benchmarking

There is a growing awareness in the market that a well-functioning IT department is an essential condition for achieving the intended business result. What is the performance level of the individual work processes in the IT department? How are they interrelated? What is the overall performance level of the IT department in quantitative and qualitative terms? This leads to the question: What should the performance level of the IT department be in order to meet the expectations of your clients? To work with focus on achieving specific objectives, it is important to have a thorough understanding of current performance levels, qualitative and quantitative, and how they relate to an excellent IT department. Our service and accompanying recommendations describe the current position of the IT department and set out an action plan of what is needed to achieve the aims of the organization as a whole.
ITSM Design of the IT organization

Design of the IT organization

In existing IT organizations, efficiency and effectiveness sinks or swims on having the right people in the right places. We often notice that IT organizations are organized in a technical way, resulting in a loss of incentive for customer-friendly service. Furthermore, a well-functioning IT organization needs clear management based on clear delivery and management processes together with performance indicators and senior-level agreement on how the IT organization will be managed. When IT organizations are founded, merged or split, it is necessary to assess – aside from technical scope and sizing – the aforementioned processes, performance indicators and workforce, as well as the question of how the desired final situation might be implemented. Together with your IT management team, Quint ensures that your IT organization is conceptualized and optimized in terms of departmental structure and process design, but particularly in terms of management action. Within four weeks, you will have a well-founded organizational structure with management mechanisms which will be fully operational within your IT organization within two months.

ITSM IT Compliance

IT Compliance

Quint is successful because we work independently of auditors and IT vendors. Yet we speak the same language. We use the tool sets of the IT world when it comes to achieving improvements and the metric tools of the auditors to assess whether the findings have actually been tackled. Rapidly and, where desired, in the form of value-based contracting. The guiding principle is structural improvement of the IT organization itself to guarantee improvements and to ensure that issues do not reoccur. All our stakeholders - management, IT, internal and external auditors - are kept aware of the approach, progress, risks and mitigation measures.

ITSM Training and Certification

IT Service Management Training

Organizations should be able to blindly trust that their IT services properly support their processes. As the importance of IT to business operations increases, client organizations are setting increasingly higher requirements. To name a few examples: high availability, constant capacity at the required levels, costs optimization, flexibility, appropriate support and a short time to market. IT Service & Performance Management is the field that involves setting up, managing and improving the IT services provided to internal and external clients. Quint Academy offers a series of training programs and courses in this field, based on frameworks and standards like Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®), ISO/IEC 20000 (Service Quality Management), Change Management and Application Service Library (ASL®). We offer training courses for novice professionals right through to experienced managers, in a variety of formats including workshops, group courses and simulation games.

Webinar Recordings on ITSM

Webinar Recordings on ITSM

Through this link you will find a list of previously hosted webinars from our experts at Quint Wellington Redwood. Simply click any of the links to watch the webinar you're interested in.