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Best Value Procurement for IT

Best Value Procurement

The emerging alternative in the procurement of IT

The process of tendering IT services involves detailed requirements documents, which take a lot of time to compose. An alternative exists, which is becoming more popular: ‘Best Value Procurement’ (BVP). In this approach, it is the supplier who gives form and context to the assignment. When using BVP for selection, two elements are given importance: the expertise which the suppliers exhibit, and the responsibility which they take upon themselves to define the assignment. These are evaluated on the basis of a performance analysis, a risk and opportunity analysis, and interviews with key stakeholders. These elements, together with the price, form the basis for the pre-selection of one supplier, who will enter the phase where the outsourcing framework is made more concrete. If the plans lead to a clearly defined result, the contract will be closed with this supplier. The question in the minds of organizations is whether BVP is the right approach for them.

Our services

Quint guides organizations through their procurement or outsourcing process. Our consultants are skilled in applying BVP in outsourcing settings and advice companies on doing the same. Based on our experience we know when BVP can be applied successfully and when to use a different procurement method. When BVP is applied it requires a serious mind shift that is probably best characterized as a paradigm shift from ‘dictating’ to ‘conferring responsibility’. Organizations that wish to reap the benefits of BVP can do so by making use of Quint’s best practices, experience and guidance.

Our approach

With Quint you are able to determine when BVP can best be applied. We lead and guide organizations through the application of BVP in there sourcing initiatives and we train procurement and sourcing professionals in applying BVP in an IT and/or outsourcing context.

Your results

  • Clarity on what value BVP can bring to your sourcing initiative and/or organization as a whole.
  • When choosing BVP: guidance, best practices, tools and examples to execute a successful BVP initiative.
  • Through our training: bring your colleagues and/or procurement department up to speed with the concept of BVP and how it can be applied successfully.