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Design of nearshore and offshore sourcing

Design & Setup of
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In the past decade all major IT and BPO service providers—as well as some international organizations —have invested significantly in offshore and nearshore delivery capacity, most notably in India followed by Philippines, Eastern Europe and South America. Globalization in general and nearshore and offshore specifically, have matured and even though the economic downturn has slowed discretionary spending and investments, offshore outsourcing is still growing. Our multi-national teams educate and coach clients to bridge both physical as well as cultural barriers and ensure no quality or agility is lost.

Design and setup of offshore outsourcing

Quint advises and guides organizations through the needed steps to design and implement successful near- and offshore outsourcing. Our research department ensures the latest data on delivery models, provider capabilities and pricing is available to our customers. Based on our best practices, templates and examples the right provider is selected and contracted and successful transition of services can take place.

Design and setup of captive centers

Quint supports organizations in the design, setup or transfer of captive centers in offshore or nearshore locations. Local knowledge and footprint is essential: Quint’s offices in India and South America bring this to the process, ensuring fast and reliable implementation in accordance with local dynamics. Our governance models help to align the newly captive center to the rest of the organization.

Implementing the appropriate delivery model: Agile, DevOps, Traditional

Nimble delivery models such as DevOps and Agile have promising potential when compared to more traditional (e.g. Waterfall) approaches. However in an offshore or nearshore situation, their implementation differs. A new or changing delivery model also requires adjustments in governance and pricing structures. Quint has a strong track-record in both offshoring as well as Agile, DevOps or traditional models. We have the best practices to guide you through the implementation or change to the right delivery model

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We guide you towards a successful global delivery model in line with business goals. We help you with local support and insight in offshore locations and have the resources and experience to overcome the barriers to implementation.