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Sourcing Strategy and Advisory

Sourcing Strategy

Design the optimal sourcing mix

Competitive organizations need to be the best at their core business and create the right ecosystem of partners, service providers and shared services for optimal performance. Outsourcing, offshoring, BPO and shared services have the potential to bring value but are not automatically the best options to reduce cost or achieve other business goals. In fact, without a clear strategy, outsourcing typically increases cost by adding overhead, supplier margin and possibly taxes. On the other hand, performing services in house means that powerful opportunities that the market can offer (such as: scale, global delivery, special expertise, platforms, cloud etc), are being left unused, resulting in sub-optimal performance. Designing the optimal sourcing mix requires conscious decision making and expert insight. Successful CIOs, COOs, and CFOs therefore take note of the best practices and experience that is available and approach their sourcing decisions strategically.

Our Services

Together with senior management and stakeholders, Quint designs the optimal sourcing mix in line with business goals. Based on our sourcing lifecycle, 20 years of experience and clear overview of (im-)possibilities in the market place, we ensure organizations create the winning sourcing strategy. A sourcing strategy defines what services stay in-house, what services are joined in shared services, what services are outsourced et cetera. All decisions are agreed upon by senior management and relevant stakeholders and are clearly aligned to the goals and ambition of the organization. Quint is independent: we are not an ITO or BPO service provider, nor do we compete with our customers. We do not push outsourcing or insourcing as such, but create the optimal mix of sourcing options in line with business goals.

Our Approach

Our approach ensures that data is available of the current situation within the organization on all relevant aspects of sourcing. This includes internal strengths and challenges, clear insight into current cost and the risks of making changes to the sourcing mix. Additionally, we provide insight into added value that outsourcing, offshoring or partnerships with other companies can bring. Based on that thorough insight we ensure decisions are made on the strategic sourcing questions:

  • Why: Which business goals need to be achieved?
  • What: What is right allotment and operating model of a future sourcing mix?
  • Who: Which kind of parties (whether internal or external) are best suited to perform the services?
  • How: Which roadmap should be followed to achieve the target model?

For every step of this process Quint brings the right data, it’s best practices, experience and guidance to the table thus ensuring the right decisions are made.

Your Results

  • Clear overview of the current IT and/or operational landscape on all relevant sourcing aspects including risks and opportunities.
  • Agreement on goals and tangible results that should be achieved by a sourcing initiative.