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ASL® Foundation Training & Certification

Course Description:
Nowadays most markets are volatile. A short time to market for new products is increasingly important for organizations. In most organizations, IT plays a crucial role in realizing these products. As a consequence, IT organization and its processes should act on a professional level, making sure that IT can act as a business partner to enable and support changes in the business. Application management is a crucial factor in IT-support, for 80% of the current IT systems will still be used in 5 years’ time.

Professional application management means that the organization has designed and implemented the necessary processes at operational, management and strategic level. ASL® has been developed as a public domain framework to support professional application management and support.

The ASL® 2 framework provides an insight in the coherence between operational, managerial and strategic application management processes, including the dependencies on market standards for infrastructure and functional management (ITIL® en BiSL®). It provides a starting point for process improvement by using best practices and uniform terminology and definitions.

ASL® 2: Public domain framework:
ASL® 2 is the public domain framework for application management (Application Services Library). The framework describes a coherent process model for application support, enhancement & renovation of existing information systems. Every ASL® process is defined by describing objectives, inputs and outputs.

ASL® 2: Foundation course:
The foundation training covers the basic concepts of the ASL® 2 framework. In this two day training both theory and practical exercises are used, in which – by means of cases- the role and contents of application management processes are explained. The training can be used as a preparation for the ASL® 2 APMG exam.

Course and Learning Objectives:
At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the role and the added value of application management.
  • Recognize and understand the core concepts of the ASL® 2 framework.
  • Know the coherence and contents of the different process clusters and the underlying processes (activities, input and output).


Course Approach:
This training can be used in preparation for the APMG ASL® 2 Foundation Exam (optional). This training covers all the theory needed to participate in the exam. The exam can be practiced in the participant’s own time by using mock exam provided in the workbook. The exam contains 40 multiple choice questions. Participants pass the exam by scoring at least 26 correct answers.

Course Student Material:
Students will receive an ASL® 2 Foundation classroom workbook containing all of the presentation materials, course notes, case study and sample exams.

Reference Materials:
Additional reference materials are not required for this course.

There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Target Audience:
Professionals with special interest in application support, enhancement & renewal. Application managers, members and managers in the field of application management and developers. Those who want to have to have the APMG ASL® 2 certificate.

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