DevOps Competence Assessment

Where are you on your DevOps journey?

The need for New Skills

The DevOps Competence Framework

Digital transformation is changing the face of businesses and will continue to do so. Every day, the world is becoming more interconnected, automated and available on-demand 24/7. The capability to deliver to customers the functionalities provided by software as part of an integrated and digitalized service is decisive in distinguishing companies that can evolve from those that are stagnating. DevOps is the key to mastering this capability.

The DevOps competence model reflects the vision that the role of the IT engineer will become more generic as DevOps teams develop. Anyone of the crew can roughly do the job of another. The key to working in this environment is to recognize that there is a skills and knowledge set that needs to be present in every DevOps team. The distribution of these skills and knowledge may be different per team. However, each team will need to ensure that there is enough of each skill and knowledge area to ensure the service is delivered as required by the customers of the service.

Where are you on your DevOps journey?

This assessment will help you discover your DevOps maturity level in 12 key skills & knowledge areas. After taking the assessment you will be provided with a report containing recommendations based on your overall DevOps competence level and based on the maturity level of each of the 12 areas.

About the DevOps competence framework

The DevOps Competence Framework identifies 8 knowledge areas and 4 skills that are relevant in DevOps. Every individual operating in a DevOps team is require to be competent at all 8 knowledge areas and proficient at the 4 skill levels. In order for DevOps teams to be effective, they require all 12 areas to be at the expert level.

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