Frequently asked questions about training and the Corona virus

Will my training continue?

Quint follows the advice of Indian Government Recommandations All training courses will continue until online. If you have registered for a training, we will contact you personally to inform you how to proceed.

Can I take the exam?

If you have registered for a classroom exam session, we will contact you personally. We will discuss your options for taking an online exam and / or other options with you.

How does an online training work?

An online training is very similar to a classroom training. The trainer takes you through the learning material, you take assignments and  you have contact with your trainer and fellow students. The difference is that you attend your training at a location of your choice.

What do you need to follow the training online?

A good internet connection and an up-to-date internet browser, preferably Chrome / Safari, (but Firefox and Edge also work). A camera and / or microphone is a must for interaction with the teacher. It is not necessary to install an application or client on your PC, our solution works directly in your browser.

Understanding required

Our teachers do everything to provide the online training for you as pleasant and educational as possible. However, if you did not like the online training or if you are not yet able to get started with what you have learned, we are happy to offer you extra help. It is also possible to attend the training in class this calendar year. Please contact us at

Need more information?

Please contact us preferably at {}. For urgent matters, we can be reached by telephone on 9818855635.