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Agile transformation at Road Transport Directorate (RDW)


Improve the service provision, make the time-to-market of new products as short as possible and optimize the use of new technologies.

“Faster time-to-market and improved customer experience using Agile.”




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About RDW

RDW is a public authority in the mobility chain. RDW has developed extensive expertise through its years of experience in executing its statutory and assigned tasks. Its tasks lie in the areas of vehicle licensing and vehicle parts, supervision and enforcement, registration, information provision and issuing documents. RDW performs these tasks in close cooperation with various partners in the mobility chain. This provides RDW with a clear position in this chain, with its mission being: RDW, partner in mobility.

Key Challenge

To respond faster and more flexibly to the needs and requirements of customers and changing circumstances, RDW (Dutch Center for Vehicle Technology & Information) has started to introduce agile working within its IT organization. After a national tender process, RDW chose Quint Wellington Redwood to manage the transition by providing training and coaching. For RDW, the transition means that some 300 employees need to permanently change the way in which they think and work: shorter service cycles, greater flexibility and higher efficiency. RDW aims to continuously improve its service provision, make the time-to-market of new products as short as possible and optimize the use of new technologies. Classic linear software development methodology (the waterfall method) is no longer suited to fulfilling this aim. The response to changes that take place during the development process needs to be fast and flexible.

The Approach

Quint started with training and coaching of the appointed Change Agents in the agile way of working, where multidisciplinary teams constantly deliver and test small parts of functionality. This results in feedback and input for the next iteration. The approach was trifold, showing how to work Agile, do it together with the Agile teams at RDW, and transfer the knowledge and skills to make the Agile Transformation sustainable.


Gerard Doll, Director of IT at RDW: “The success of this transition at RDW is due to successfully safeguarding a number of important components. In this way, the agile working method is not restricted to just the software development teams (known as scrum teams) but extends to other areas as well, including Information Management and Administration & Maintenance. Agile working intensifies the collaboration between the business, product owners and scrum teams. Added value is realized for customers by setting priorities. This co-creation is the precursor to improved collaboration between the scrum teams on the one hand and the Administration & Maintenance and Operations teams on the other (referred to as DevOps).”


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