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Global transformation to an agile way of working to improve product innovation and speed up time-to-market


Supporting and aligning the business and IT in the implementation of an agile transformation. NutriOpt® wants to grow as a product. The ambition is to deliver better and faster customer value across the globe through business agility.

“The agile way of working allows our business and IT to operate as a single global team.”






billion revenue

About Nutreco

Nutreco is a global leader in animal nutrition and aquafeed. The advanced nutritional solutions of Nutreco are at the origin of food for millions of consumers worldwide. Quality, innovation and sustainability are guiding principles, embedded in the Nutreco culture from research and raw material procurement to products and services for livestock farming and aquaculture. With 100 years of experience, Nutreco brings a rich heritage of knowledge and expertise to the markets. NutriOpt® is a modular precision-feeding system made up of proven components that offer the latest nutritional science data and technology. When used together, these components make it possible to fine-tune your feeding strategy with high accuracy. They precisely calculate the most economically efficient approach under current market conditions that will give you the optimal results you want.

Key Challenge

Nutreco had spread its IT development across several entities around the globe. Developers were continuously shifting between multiple projects. The stakeholder universe was equally spread out. In order for NutriOpt® to grow as a global product, both the business and IT needed to adapt and align their way of working. It was not an exception for software releases to take 6 months. During that process, the business was involved only at the beginning and end of the cycle. Nutreco needed to adapt to the ever-changing environment and align itself with its ambition to grow NutriOpt® on the global market.

The Approach

Quint started with a phased approach to create a dedicated agile IT development team. Using the ShuHaRi principle, the IT development team became a mature team that can continue the new way of working without any external help, while also serving as an example for the rest of the IT organization. Building upon the experience with the development team, Quint extended its support to the global stakeholder universe. The stakeholders were trained in both the Netherlands and Canada to become agile stakeholders and drive the development of the NutriOpt® product.

The Results

NutriOpt® now has a global product team that consists of an aligned stakeholder universe and a global development team cooperating from offices in Canada and the Netherlands. Through a global quarterly prioritization session, Nutreco is putting business agility into action. For the first time, stakeholders across the globe are completely aligned and driving NutriOpt® product development. With the global stakeholders involved throughout the entire process, the IT development team is now able to deliver software every two weeks. Employee engagement is on the rise within Nutreco, and satisfaction regarding the NutriOpt® product team is growing due to the continuous delivery of value.

Business Agility at Nutreco

The video below provides a summary of the first global prioritization event for Nutreco. In line with the global IT department, Quint supported the business in both The Netherlands and Canada to become Agile stakeholders. As one global team, they are now jointly driving the development of the NutriOpt® product.


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