Educational innovation for students and lifelong learners

Industry Challenge


Universities, colleges and specialized training institutes face a difficult task: preserving and conveying in-depth knowledge and expertise, while navigating an environment in which the latest digital trends seem to be accelerating. The way people interact with information and access data has changed completely in recent years, and schools and universities need to find new ways of keeping up – not once, but over and over. And the target audience is no longer limited to young adults embarking on an initial degree or certificate. Today’s education consumer also includes competent professionals seeking lifelong learning, who aim to supplement, enhance and refresh their knowledge in courses and part-time programs.

A demand for easy access to information

Digital access to lesson materials and other information about the course, curriculum, institution and more is one of the biggest changes affecting universities. As distance learning gains ground, courses are increasingly untethered by location, device or file formats, while education consumers can often access course resources provided free of charge by universities in other countries. These trends have caused student expectations to soar: fast, easy access to accurate, up-to-date information is the baseline. This demands higher performance from IT, infrastructure, architecture, sourcing and personnel.

Safeguarding scientific integrity

Schools and universities urgently need strategic advice to optimize student IT facilities. Ensuring continuity and constant improvement while safeguarding scientific integrity takes a certain degree of expertise. Quint works closely with various universities and colleges to provide consultancy services and training courses aimed at designing and optimizing IT-intensive processes, services and organizations. Quint sees it as our task – and our challenge – to support these institutes of higher learning in getting the most out of their existing and new IT.

Monitoring IT performance

To support clients in the education sector, Quint offers a solution for monitoring and benchmarking actual IT costs. eQuivalent TCO Monitoring makes it possible to assess IT performance based on best practices and market prices, allowing universities to optimize their IT cost structure and achieve a more efficient IT landscape.

Strategic sourcing is a key concept here: what can schools and universities do themselves and what can be strategically restructured to involve expert partners. Shared Service Centers where various degree programs use central university infrastructure have become the default, and many student-specific national services have been standardized.

Effective digital strategy

Quint Wellington Redwood (Quint for short) is a global, independent boutique consulting firm, helping organizations to design and optimize IT-intensive processes, services and organizations. Our consultancy focuses on supporting our clients in getting the most out of their existing and new IT by defining and implementing an effective digital strategy. Together with our clients, we build roadmaps that facilitate fast and effective change, anticipating or responding to opportunities and threats. We bring technology and its application to life.

Connecting business & technology

We challenge our clients and ourselves to improve continuously, realizing tangible value together. Quint connects business and technology by sharing knowledge and arranging partnerships to accelerate change and innovation. We develop teams and people using new ways of collaboration and leadership, so that all those involved can realize their full potential and grow within the organization. Being lean and agile is at the core of everything we do.

Sustainable transformation

Quint regards people, processes and technology as factors that strengthen each other. Together, they are the basis of sustainable change. We use analysis, design and implementation to connect and improve these factors. Through training and coaching our clients, we empower their ability to change, so that they can continue their transformation after the end of Quint’s involvement.


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