Towards a digital information society


Government & Public Services

Technology is a driver of major change in society and the economy, rapidly transforming our country into a digital information society. As an intrinsic part of everyday life, technology affects how government authorities determine investments in infrastructure, define the regulatory framework, and provide digital services to citizens and companies. Core processes are being digitized as part of the standardization and consolidation of the fragmented IT landscape. Quint supports the government in this digital transformation. To maximize the impact of our advice and the underlying strategic principles, we maintain a strong focus on generating widespread support and ensuring that the envisioned results are firmly embedded. Our combined competencies and pooled forces create a solid combination that guides and supports you throughout your digital transformation.

Data security and management

Data management and cybersecurity are major considerations in the public sector, since government value chains are more frequently targeted by hackers. The massive volumes of data handled in the public sector present both an opportunity and a risk. Should government data be distributed or centralized? How are backups handled in order to minimize data loss? Is cloud storage an option – and should it be public or private? AI and business intelligence create options for smarter, faster, more secure data management, but applications in the public sector are subject to more stringent standards for compliance, governance, and personal data privacy protection.

Strategic sourcing

This need for cost-efficient operation of government services relies on strategic sourcing: what should governments do themselves and what can be strategically sourced to involve external partners? As Shared Service Centers take off, ensuring continuity and excellent service is a high priority, working closely with partners inside the government or with external vendors, depending on feasibility in the political arena. Supply and demand need to be coordinated as efficiently as possible through good governance, assisted tendering procedures, and supplier management. Agile sourcing makes it possible to shorten project timelines and improve response time to changes. Authorities are making every effort to use their limited resources in smart, efficient ways to address new challenges as they arise.

Optimized value chains

The public sector is strongly defined by value chains that manage increasingly complex and interconnected issues – such as healthcare, immigration, or the justice system. In order to operate effectively, these chains need to become more efficient. Lean (IT), Lean Leadership and Agile management offer opportunities for improvement, while DevOps and the guiding principles that govern High Performing Organizations facilitate cultural change in the public sector. Digital transformation at this scale requires strategic planning and technological expertise, supplemented by a fresh approach to talent retention and development.

Effective digital strategy

Quint Wellington Redwood (Quint for short) is a global, independent boutique consulting firm, helping organizations to design and optimize IT-intensive processes, services and organizations. Our consultancy focuses on supporting our clients in getting the most out of their existing and new IT by defining and implementing an effective digital strategy. Together with our clients, we build roadmaps that facilitate fast and effective change, anticipating or responding to opportunities and threats. We bring technology and its application to life in the public sector through our Strategic Advisory, supplemented by expert training through the Quint Academy.

Connecting business & technology

We challenge our clients and ourselves to improve continuously, realizing tangible value together. Quint connects business and technology by sharing knowledge and arranging partnerships to accelerate change and innovation. We develop teams and people using new ways of collaboration and leadership, so that all those involved can realize their full potential and grow within the organization. Being lean and agile is at the core of everything we do.

Sustainable transformation

Quint regards people, processes and technology as factors that strengthen each other. Together, they are the basis of sustainable change. We use analysis, design and implementation to connect and improve these factors. Through training and coaching our clients and their employees, we empower their ability to change and take responsibility for ensuring long-term results, so that they can continue their transformation after the end of Quint’s involvement.


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