Life Sciences

Life sciences companies increase adaptability through digitalization

Adaptability as a key requirement

How to be adaptable in a marketplace that is rapidly changing as well as highly regulated? Clearly, the current emphasis is on reducing time to market, delivering personalized products and services to customers, and further process optimization.

Which digital strategy to pursue?

Digitalization is the first success factor for adaptability. That is why many of our clients in pharma, medtech and biotech are working on their digital strategy. The question is how digitally supported and data-enabled the business model of companies will be in a number of years. What is the digital vision, and which customer journeys and key processes are digitally supported? For example, digital/digitally-enabled product launches, KOL contacts, research, clinical trials, and sales force optimization. In this regard, the effective use of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and innovative technology can be of great value. Success can in part be achieved by involving external partners and suppliers in both the development and optimization of products and services.

IT requirements for change

With respect to IT, decisions will have to be made on how to organize and deliver the required digital technology. This means making choices about IT strategy, sourcing, transition to the cloud, and enterprise-wide IT organisation and governance. Moreover, are individual business areas able to take the lead in further digitalization?

Implementation defines final success

Making plans is difficult enough, but scaling up and implementing really define success and benefits. Usually, if properly trained and coached, employees are sufficiently willing to adopt the best combination of new work processes and technology. The choices here are about what digital leadership, digital skills and the business/IT transformation entail.

Some of our References

Quint services for life sciences companies

Digital strategy & digital innovation

Together with you, we determine how digitalization and the better use of data improve the customer and employee experience, and operational efficiency. Further, how digital should the business model become and what are the new revenue models? What are the new propositions for customers? What is the business case, including costs and benefits? How do you digitally support a product launch or KOL platform? Quint has extensive knowledge of the healthcare sector, the customers of life sciences companies.

Data management and artificial intelligence

Our goal is to transform data into better healthcare. And to improve results at lower costs. Together with you, we can use our data-driven solutions to increase the value of your products and services. Using your data, we can visualize and optimize your operational processes, making them more efficient and effective, and reducing waste. Using AI models, we can also simplify and visualize big data to make it accessible, understandable and shareable, helping you to become a truly data-driven company.

IT delivery and organization

The optimal design of IT and cloud services is the basis for digital transformation. Further, more IT organizations are organizing themselves in value streams with flexible teams. Quint provides advice on sourcing strategy, IT organization and size, cloud strategy, enterprise-wide application integration, data exchange and integration issues, service management, architecture, compliance, data and suppliers.

Digital transformation

Quint supports life sciences organizations in realizing the organisational change required for digital transformation. How can tools like SAFe, Lean and Agile be put to use? Quint can assist you in executing the transformation and implementation. The Quint Academy can help train and continuously coach your employees, so that they can continue their personal development without Quint.

Why Quint?

Quint supports life sciences organizations in designing and implementing their digital strategy. Together, we develop an approach and roadmap that can be adapted quickly and effectively, anticipating and responding to opportunities and threats. Connecting processes and technology is an important impetus for change. Organizations are looking for methods to keep up with rapid change, and need support to apply these methods effectively. Fundamental choices about digital business models, management and design must be made. Data interpretation and data-driven decision support play an increasingly important role in this. We help life sciences organizations to make these choices by challenging the status quo and by connecting people, processes and technology. In this way, we accelerate and embed digital transformations and convert technology into value for the organization and its stakeholders.


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