DevOps Essentials – Leadership in DevOps & Creating Self Organizing Teams

Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders! In becoming an Agile and DevOps organization, it is broadly recognized that autonomous teams shape the fundamentals of true business agility. Therefore, a great deal of focus is given to fostering team maturity by measuring the subsequent aspects of Agile and DevOps within the teams. There is one key element often overlooked: Leadership.

The roles for management have changed fundamentally, but they are still essential to guiding the enterprise towards the holy grail: A better, faster, and cheaper response to changing circumstances than your competitors. Therefore, leadership is the differentiator for organizations to effectively organize, and improve the delivery of customer value on a sound economic basis. As Sumantra Ghosal would say, the challenge is to create the right ‘smell of the place’. Quint invites you to watch this video to learn about the key aspects of leadership within the IT organization of the 21st Century.

Agile, DevOps