Quint Transformation Platform for High Performance organizations

Now that digitization has accelerated, teams must work more effectively and IT itself must be further standardized and automated to serve customers more optimal and faster. High Performance IT makes organizations agile and decisive. A transformation, for example with the help of DevOps teams, presents challenges. It affects the organization as a whole and a lack of transparency and measurability is often a challenge. Moreover, the return on investment of the transformation often remains unclear for a long time. Good professionals are also scarce.

With the Transformation Platform for High Performance, organizations can achieve their goals and track their progress based on real-time facts. The platform makes digital transformations faster, cheaper, more fun and safer. The Quint Transformation Platform is a digital product that supports transformations. It offers all roles in the team the opportunity to work on their own growth path towards High Performance IT. In addition, all relevant topics of a transformation are discussed: knowledge development, culture, measurability of results, technology, etc. In addition, the platform offers management insight into the growth of the teams and thus into the results of the transformation. The bar is constantly being raised in an interaction within the teams and between the teams and management. For example, the teams work at the pace they apply to High Performance IT.