Lean IT Essentials – How to Continuously Improve IT Using Kaizen

It should be no surprise to anyone that works within IT that our world is a dynamic one in which we rapidly need to adjust to new realities. This includes continuously updated business applications, high demands from our customers, new breeds of automation, and new organizational challenges. These new realities all bring new problems that require a new level of solutions, and lead us to believe that we need to react immediately. IT organizations often ‘shoot from the hip’ or jump to conclusions regarding the solutions they think they need, but we do actually have time to think, even if it does not feel that way. The art is to use the limited time we have in the best possible way.

Kaizen is the Japanese word for continuous improvement using small incremental changes. It translates quite literally as change for the better. Kaizen is an approach for solving problems, and it forms the basis of incremental continual improvement within organizations. The philosophy states that a problem is merely a difficulty that needs to be resolved. When applied to the workplace, Kaizen promotes continuous improvement involving everyone. Managers and staff must work together to provide the proper structure that nets this continual process improvement.

Ensuring that an IT organization is competent at continuous improvement is absolutely essential to the success of Lean within IT. The Lean IT Kaizen Lead is someone who is involved with improvement based on Lean principles, and may come from any level ‘department’ of the IT organization. In this video, Niels Loader will help you to understand what Kaizen can do for you and your IT organization.

IT Service Management, Lean IT