Market Study – CSR in Outsourcing, Who Cares?

Incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in business strategies is becoming common practice. Organizations increasingly include CSR in their sourcing strategy as well. In this research, we were particularly interested in whether, why, and how CSR actually gets integrated in outsourcing decisions world-wide.

To gain further insight in the reasons for integrating CSR in outsourcing, we asked Customer/Buyers, Service Providers, and Advisors to anonymously complete an online survey. The survey covered questions about their personal belief in the importance of CSR, whether it is part of the sourcing strategy, is included in RfPs, is part of the decision-making process in selecting an outsourcing provider, etc. The survey also covered CSR topics that are deemed important by decision-makers and topics that are included in the decision-making process.

This report contains the findings of this international survey and is completed with recommendations for Customers, Service Providers & Advisors.

Outsourcing, Sourcing
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