Merger of Quint Wellington Redwood and Paphos Group brings the worlds of business, technology and digitalization closer together

Quint Wellington Redwood and Paphos Group are joining forces enabling them to better manage and implement the digitalization of business processes and the related automation of IT and DevOps for their clients.

AMSTERDAM, 22 June 2018 – Quint Wellington Redwood and Paphos Group announce merger. This merger creates an international consultancy, training and technology company with over 300 consultants. A company that primarily focuses on the digitalization, automation and management of business and IT-related processes and platforms. The new name of the combination will be ‘Quint’.

Today, organizations everywhere are becoming digitalized, the cloud is indispensable and data is widely regarded as a core asset. Countless platforms are being introduced onto markets and into organizations and business processes. Moreover, the delivery of underlying IT services is being automated using DevOps and ITforIT. A software platform like ServiceNow that originally focused mainly on IT Service Management, now also supports DevOps and a wide array of business processes, including Customer Services, Project & Portfolio Management, and Governance, Risk & Compliance Management.

Platforms and the cloud are becoming even more crucial to digitalization

“We see that many organizations are shifting to ‘digital’ via platforms, automation, DevOps and the cloud. However, this shift requires the proper integration of existing technologies and IT services, and this integration is complex,” says Maurice Boon, CEO of Quint. “Without a clear digital strategy and far-reaching automation of the IT production chain itself, it is virtually impossible to stay in control. This is precisely the area on which Quint and Paphos Group will be focusing their shared portfolio.”

“Our experience in automating and integrating these complex issues is the ideal complement to the experience Quint has in the fields of sourcing, governance and digital transformation. Together, we are thus able to respond to innovative business models and business processes and to the vital necessity of staying in control which was referred to earlier,” according to Robin Marchand, CTO of Paphos Group.

About Paphos Group

Paphos Group is an organization that has technological expertise at its core. We have extensive knowledge of platforms like ServiceNow, AppDynamics, XebiaLabs and Micro Focus, and the know-how to implement and support these environments. Our team of energetic professionals have a high level of in-depth, expert knowledge at their disposal. They apply relevant market innovations and are able to integrate new technologies flawlessly, time and again. Paphos Group is synonymous with professionalism, innovation and partnership.

About Quint

Quint supports enterprises in designing and operationalizing their digital transformation. Together we develop a strategy that can be adapted quickly and effectively in anticipation of – or in response to – opportunities or threats. Technology is a major driver of change. Organizations find it difficult to keep up with fast successive developments and apply them effectively. They have to make fundamental choices regarding business models, management control and design. We help organizations make these choices by challenging the status quo and connecting people, processes and technology. In this way, we accelerate and embed digital transformations and use technology to create value for the organization and its environment. Quint’s key focus areas are Digital Strategy & IT Governance, Lean, Agile & DevOps Transformations, Sourcing Advisory & Demand-Supply Governance and Information & Data Management. For more information about Quint’s services visit www.quintgroup.com/en/technology/.


Quint and Paphos

Frank Grift (CFO, Quint), Robin Marchand (CTO, Paphos), Maurice Boon (CEO, Quint) and Gerard van der Horst (Managing Director, Paphos)