Quint and DevOps Research & Assessment (DORA) announce strategic partnership to help enterprises in their DevOps journey

Consulting firm Quint Wellington Redwood and DevOps research company DORA have signed a partnership to help enterprises in their DevOps journey. DevOps Research & Assessment (DORA) was founded by Jez Humble, Gene Kim, and Dr. Nicole Forsgren. Its mission is to help technology organizations improve the productivity of software development and delivery through scientific research. DORA has conducted research for over four years and its database contains more than 20,000 data points. This serves as the basis for a set of evidence-based tools for evaluating and benchmarking technology organizations.

High Performing Organizations

Digital transformation is changing the face of businesses and will continue to do so. The ability to deliver to customers the desired software functionality as part of an integrated service is decisive in distinguishing companies that can evolve from those that are stagnating. DevOps is the key to mastering this ability. To achieve this, the primary goal is to ensure that the development and operations aspects of IT work together in an optimized flow for delivering value to customers. However, this isn’t easy. It involves people, process and technology. It’s a cultural shift that demands commitment from management and strong leadership to make continued progress. It’s all about continuous improvement throughout the lifecycle of IT services. To know the priorities for improvement, you need to know where you are regarding the integration of Dev and Ops.

A data-driven approach to DevOps performance

DORA’s DevOps Readiness Assessment creates a scientific and holistic view by benchmarking an enterprise’s current situation based on huge amounts of peer data, and identifies priorities for capability improvement. The outcome of the assessment is a starting point for Quint’s DevOps experts to work together with the end-user organization on setting the priorities for improvement, implementing new models of leadership and governance and building high performing teams in order to improve the delivery of value to IT customers.

A clear roadmap for your DevOps transformation

“Our assessment is designed to benchmark performance and identify where enterprises can best invest to achieve higher performance. But we don’t provide consulting and transformation services. For enterprises looking for more help, we’ve partnered with a number of great consultancies like Quint, who offer our assessment service to enterprises as the first step in developing their capabilities and accelerating their DevOps transformation,” says Dr. Nicole Forsgren, CEO of DORA.

A DevOps journey to success

“We see organizations adopting DevOps to keep up with the pace of technological change. But DevOps isn’t just about improving technology and revamping processes. For us, DevOps is not a product, standard, specification, framework or job title. Many organizations apply the principle of maximum automation and think: ‘Hey, I’m DevOps!’ They focus purely on the technology. It’s a good start but it’s missing a key ingredient: creating a culture of continuous improvement. Quint believes that tools and technology should reinforce the culture and not define it. That’s where we come in. Thanks to our partnership with DORA, we can offer our clients a holistic and data-driven approach to their next steps so they can be successful with DevOps,” says Dragana Mijatovic, Global Lead High Performance Organizations at Quint.

About Quint Wellington Redwood

Quint focuses on two major changes taking place in the world: digital transformation and the increasing need for sustainability. We see that organizations have to make fundamental choices about business models, management and technology. In our vision, knowledge, leadership and culture are must-haves for organizations to recognize relevant technology and apply it to provide value to their organization and environment. Quint supports organizations in designing and implementing their digital strategy. Together with our clients, we build roadmaps that facilitate fast and effective change, anticipating or responding to opportunities and threats. We bring technology – and its application – to life. For more information about Quint see https://www.quintgroup.com

About DORA

DevOps Research & Assessment (DORA), founded by Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, and Gene Kim, conducts research into understanding high performance in the context of software development and the factors that predict it. DORA’s research over the last four years and over 23,000 data points serve as the basis for a set of evidence-based tools for evaluating and benchmarking technology organizations. For more information about DORA see https://devops-research.com/

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