Strategic alliance between Quint and Target creates focus on Big Data, Data Analytics and Data Management

Philadelphia / Amsterdam, 2017 – Management consultancy Quint Wellington Redwood and big data expert Target Holding are joining forces. The two firms will use their combined knowledge and experience to unlock the potential of big data and translate it into practical applications. The result is a unique proposition in which the value of data can be optimized in the digital transformations that many organizations are currently undergoing. The practical application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in widely varying sectors such as energy & water management, media & entertainment, health care, and policy & implementation is thus brought within reach.

Extracting value from data

“Many of our clients are wondering what they should do with the huge amount of data that is available these days. How can I generate and access data and what is its value? By joining forces we will be able to answer our clients’ questions. Target’s Big Data Analytics Framework collects data from all kinds of different sources. This data is enhanced using artificial intelligence and self-learning algorithms to enable pattern recognition, predictions and classification, and is then visualized. In this way, we let data speak,” according to Maurice Boon, CEO of Quint Wellington Redwood.

“We were there at the birth of big data in the Netherlands. Therefore, over the past years, we have built up an enormous amount of knowledge and experience regarding the development of advanced self-learning algorithms on very large, complex datasets and related platforms like Hadoop and Apache Spark. This means we are able to facilitate our clients in resolving innovative and disruptive big data issues. It is now time to make this expertise more widely available to clients,” says Gert-Jan van Dijk, CEO of Target.

Data as a core business

By pooling knowledge and experience, an accessible and complete portfolio of data-analytics-related training courses is also created. The aim of this shared portfolio is to allow clients’ staff to train themselves rather than clients having to engage external capacity on a structural basis. Data analytics and data management are becoming a core business capability that is essential for every company.

About Target Holding

Target was established in 2009 and is one of the largest ongoing public-private big data projects in the Netherlands. The project involves, among other things, optical astronomy, radio astronomy and genetic data and has a storage capacity of over 10 petabytes. The aim is to introduce new, innovative knowledge onto the market. Currently, the team of data scientists is working on numerous big-data-related issues for leading Dutch and foreign clients. For more information visit www.target-holding.nl/.

About Quint Wellington Redwood

Quint focuses on two major changes taking place in the world: digital transformation and the increasing need for sustainability. Technology is one of the driving forces of change. Organizations have to make fundamental choices about business models, management and technology. In the vision of Quint, technology is not the only deciding factor: the knowledge, leadership and culture that are must-haves for organizations to recognize relevant technology and apply it to provide value to their organization and environment are even more important. Quint supports organizations in designing and implementing their digital strategy. Together with clients, we build roadmaps that facilitate fast and effective change, anticipating or responding to opportunities and threats. For more information visit www.quintgroup.com

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