DevOps Essentials – Bringing DevOps to Your ITSM World

Many organizations used DevOps as a tool to develop code, lob it onto Operations and quickly forget about it and move to the next item on the board. Other organizations use DevOps as a glorified incident management process, researching issues in code or infrastructure and quickly solving those. We have found that many are eschewing investments in IT Service Management (ITSM) capability development in favor of DevOps because of the perception of bureaucracy and over burdening of a single ITSM framework: ITIL®. There is a perception that DevOps and ITIL® are not ‘compatible’ together; that an organization must choose one over the other and ‘stay in the lane’. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are more synergies between them than differences. Many organizations do not realize this and are missing out on service improvements that may be introduced and developed by looking at how to leverage and balance both frameworks.

DevOps, IT Service Management, ITIL