AppDynamics for continuous business & application performance monitoring

Software is eating the world! The performance of your software and apps determines the overall performance of your organization. The AppDynamics platform offers you the possibility to actually be in control of your services. AppDynamics offers solutions for Application Performance Management, End User & Business Monitoring, Infrastructure Visibility and more.

Application performance management for today’s complex environments

Top enterprises all over the world trust theAppDynamics application performance management solution to help their teams focus on what matters most—that production apps always perform, even in the most complex multi-cloud environments. This intelligent, highly efficient APM monitors every line of code, and immediately provides the relevant information our customers need to quickly resolve issues, make user experience improvements, and ensure that apps always meet employee and customer performance expectations.

Built on the AppDynamics App iQ platform

All of the performance management solutions are built on and powered by the App iQ Platform, developed over many years of understanding complex enterprise applications. The App iQ platform features six proprietary performance engines that give customers the ability to thrive in that complexity.

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