Whitepaper – Discovering the value of cloud sourcing AWS & Quint

Cloud Computing is being adopted by all types of organizations and as a consequence, cloud is becoming more and more important for externalization strategies. Cloud now has a huge value, since it permanently transforms IT services delivery at the same time as it improves companies strategic capacities as adaptative solutions, so that they can keep up with the quick development of innovation in the digital ecosystem. In the actual context of remotization and uncertainty, generated by Covid-19 crisis, migration has more relevance now than ever before.

This White Paper ‘Descubriendo el Valor de Cloud Sourcing’ created by Quint and Amazon Web  Services (AWS) talks about access to innovation and disruptive technologies, the term Cloud Economics and the true value for the business, generated by the cloud. It also analyzes Outsourcing strategies to cloud. Also, cloud computing migration strategies, architecture and modern architecture applications, sourcing models for transformation, operations and improved governance models are analyzed in this document.

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