Whitepaper – Seven Success Factors for Building and Managing a Data-Driven Organization

Data-driven organizations are the future. In the past, if you wanted to know how a company was doing, you’d ask the CFO. Soon, however, the Chief Data Officer will be the person to ask. Data can tell you about your customers, your products and services, the state of repair of your resources, and much more. Data has potentially enormous benefits…and risks. Organizations and their directors are being confronted with a growing field of tension. On the one hand, there is a need to innovate using smart data technologies and, on the other hand, a desire to avoid the risk of damage or loss through incorrect use of data. It is therefore important not only to understand who controls the big data gas pedal, but also whether organizations will be able to brake on time.

We will explore these themes in this white paper. We will look at the possibilities of using data and artificial intelligence (AI) in an innovative and successful way, and we will also be looking for principles that can keep big data initiatives controllable. We will also investigate how we can set up technology, ethics and the organization in such a way that we – like a kind of treasure hunter – can make optimal use of the possibilities offered by big data, AI and, therefore, machine learning, without crossing boundaries. After reading this paper, you will be aware of the possibilities, ethical issues and necessary guidance that the application of data (big and otherwise) entails. This white paper is interesting for policymakers, decision makers and professionals in companies and institutions involved in organizing and implementing big data initiatives.

Data Management, Digital Transformation
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