Terms & Conditions

The conditions below apply in addition to Quint Wellington Redwood’s General Terms & Conditions in respect of the open registration for training programmes and virtual training programmes provided by Quint Wellington Redwood (hereinafter referred to as QWR). To the extent these conditions deviate from QWR’s General Terms & Conditions, these conditions will prevail.


  • Website: the location on the internet, specifically QWR’s website, where it offers visitors the opportunity to place an order via (electronic) communication and/or to register for information services.
  • Customer: the natural person or legal entity that has concluded an agreement with QWR via its website for participating in one or more training programmes.
  • Agreement: the joint decision by QWR and the Customer to enter into a legal relationship whereby QWR undertakes, pursuant to the applicability of the provisions contained in these conditions, to provide certain training programmes in exchange for payment to be executed by the Customer.


  • Customers participating in a training programme subject to an open registration procedure may register for such on the website. Registration on the website implies that the Customer accepts these conditions.
  • The Agreement is concluded as a result of an order placed by the Customer via the website or otherwise, and the written acceptance (sent by email or otherwise) of this order by QWR.
  • QWR is entitled to refuse registration or to attach certain conditions thereto, unless explicitly otherwise provided for. In the event an order is not accepted, QWR will notify the party placing the order of this within ten (10) working days of the receipt of the registration. In such a case, an agreement has not been concluded.
  • If a training programme is fully booked, then, if possible, a new date will be determined in consultation with the Customer.


  • At the time the Agreement is concluded, the training programmes will be provided at the prices and fees stated on the website.
  • Unless stated otherwise, all prices and fees applied by QWR are exclusive of VAT and any other charges imposed by the government.
  • The prices for open registration training programmes include study materials, exams and catering, unless stated otherwise on the website.
  • QWR reserves the right to change prices and fees. The adjusted prices and fees are applicable from the time at which they are published on the website.


  • Payment must be made prior to the training programme in one of the ways indicated during the ordering process. QWR may attach other (payment and/or ordering) conditions to the order. For bank or giro payments, the date the payment is credited to QWR’s bank or giro account shall apply as the date of payment.
  • The Customer is not permitted to offset all or part of a payment obligation with any claim the Customer might have against QWR, regardless of the reason, without explicit written permission from QWR. Nor is the Customer is entitled to suspend the payment obligation.
  • In the event of any late payment, QWR has the authority to suspend its obligations to the Customer immediately and without being required to provide prior written notification of such.

Claims, Returns and Complaints

If the Customer is of the opinion that QWR is in any way in default of the fulfilment of the Agreement, it must notify QWR of this immediately, or at any rate within eight days of the date of the training programme. Should the Customer fail to provide this notification within the aforementioned period, any claim against QWR will lapse with respect to shortcomings related to the training programme.


  • QWR is not liable for any damage incurred or to be incurred by the Customer or third parties, which may be attributed directly or indirectly to inaccurate, unlawful, incomplete or outdated information provided by QWR to the Customer.
  • All information (editorial or otherwise) is compiled carefully and to the best of QWR’s knowledge and ability. QWR and the authors cannot however guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information in any way. QWR and the authors accept no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage, regardless of their nature, arising from actions and/or decisions that are based on this information.
  • If and to the extent that QWR bears any responsibility toward the Customer, regardless of the reason, this liability will be limited per incident of damage or loss to a maximum of the invoice value (excluding VAT) for that portion of the agreement from which this liability arises. Any series of related incidents of loss or damage will be qualified for this purpose as a single incident.
  • In the event QWR is held liable by a third party for any damage for which it is not liable pursuant to the agreement with the Customer and/or on the grounds of these conditions, the Customer will fully indemnify QWR from liability in this regard.

Cancellation, Changes and Substitutions

  • Participants may cancel participation up to three calendar weeks prior to the first day of the training programme without incurring additional costs. Notification of cancellation must be sent by email to education_netherlands@quintgroup.com.
  • Notification of cancellation provided after (within) this period will be subject to full payment of the tuition fees.
  • In the event of an insufficient number of registrations, QWR is entitled to cancel the training programme. Customers will be notified of this in a timely fashion.
  • QWR reserves the right to change the content of a training programme and to substitute the intended speakers with others without notice.
  • QWR will not issue credit notes for invoices if a participant does not attend the training programme and fails to cancel his/her participation within the required period.


Participants  may  allow  a  colleague  from  their  own  employer  to  attend  a  training programme in their place. These substitutions are not subject to a fee.

Proof of Identification

Upon entering the exam location, Customers must present official proof of identification if they are participating in an exam.