Digital Transformation Journey – Implementation Workshop

Our world is going through a huge digital transformation. The technology push, information push and social push bring with them major disruptive changes. Organizations have no choice: they must undergo a digital transformation to become a digital organization. The question is, how? New technology and new kinds of information change the lives of individuals and organizations alike. Every organization, whether for-profit or non-profit, needs to ask itself what opportunities all these new possibilities offer, and what threats they bring. And most importantly: what must be done differently from now on? Quint is excited to offer our Digital Transformation Journey – Implementation workshop which involves all the key stakeholders to work together design the path for this journey.

Why take this Digital Transformation Journey – Implementation Workshop?

The workshop is highly interactive and participative in nature spread over 2 days. The people who must be engaged in this workshop would be contributing to the roadmap construct and also be setting priorities and making key decisions. Typical people who would participate are Business Sponsors for this initiative, Digital transformation PMO (If already identified), Business Relationship Managers, Service Owners, Quality / Delivery excellence teams

What you will learn

The key output of this workshop will be a roadmap which will clearly identify various steams / themes distributed over four key action areas of people, process, products and partner and will have identified owners with actions, timelines and priorities for each of the task. This will be a great kicks-starter to launch or enhance your Digital transformation journey.

  • Defining the current business priorities via a vision workshop
  • Creating a Digital Strategy
  • 5 step approach from Strategy to Execution
  • Concept of Design Thinking / Problem Thinking
  • Creating a Digital leadership culture within an organization
  • How are we effectively utilizing critical resources such as people, process and products to achieve this objectives?
  • How to create a Digital transformation roadmap for your organization
  • Digital transformation in relation to customer experience / Operations / Current Business Models
  • What could be the challenges and possible solutions in this journey?
  • Continual Analysis / Evaluation/ Reporting / Improvement

Who should attend?

  • Individuals and organizations seeking a foundational understanding of Digital Transformation
  • Employees and managers responsible for designing, reengineering or improving process
  • Consultants guiding their clients through process improvement initiatives
  • Process stakeholders

DTx certification

This workshop is divided into 3 phases. It gets customized as per the client requirement. The client can start with Phase 1 which is a 2 day interactive workshop.

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