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Scrum is currently the most commonly used agile approach in software development. Scrum deals primarily with the team process. But what if you want to scale up the Agile concept to the program or portfolio level? The Scaled Agile Framework®, or SAFe®, is the answer! Many organizations already work with successful scrum teams. These teams are able to do even more when the rest of the organization works with the same level of agility. Success can be achieved if the whole supply chain is optimized in an agile way and the Value Stream as a whole is coordinated. The Leading SAFe training course helps in this respect.

Why this Leading SAFe training?

The framework addresses the roles, teams, activities (including planning) and setting up Agile Release Trains that are needed to scale Agile up to the enterprise level. You will learn how to support an agile transformation. The SAFe framework is used in conjunction with Lean and product development principles. In the Leading SAFe training course you will learn to manage an agile transformation using SAFe and the principles of Lean and the Product Development Flow that lie at the heart of the framework. During this Leading SAFe training course we will tackle issues such as Lean-Agile programs, upscaling Agile, Lean/Agile program and portfolio management, and leadership that contributes to a successful transformation.

What you will learn

  • Introduction to the SAFe framework
  • The benefits of upscaling the agile way of working to the organization level
  • Making the step from agile teams to an agile organization
  • How to innovate in an agile way
  • Implementing the Agile Release Train
  • Building and managing an agile portfolio

Who should attend?

The organization you work for has the ambition of working with Agile, or transformation to an agile way of working is already underway. This training course has a bearing on every role in a transformation of this kind. Whether you are responsible for a product, a program or a portfolio, or if you work as a manager, consultant or as a member of the operations staff, this training course will give you a grounding in how to apply the principles of SAFe in order to develop your organization further in a quickly-changing environment.


Leading SAFe® certification

The Leading SAFe training course serves as exam preparation. The exam can be taken online and in your own time. Successful candidates will be awarded the SAFe Agilist (SA) certificate.

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