P3O® Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices Foundation

Around the world, there are many organizations in both the public and private sectors, who recognise that their portfolio, programme and project management is best supported through a delivery support office. ​Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O®) Foundation is a Best Management Practice certification and is aligned to PRINCE2®, MSP®, and M_o_R®. This P3O Foundation training course brings together in one place a set of principles, processes and techniques to facilitate effective portfolio, programme and project management through enablement, challenge and support structures.

Why take this P3O Foundation ​training?

​The purpose of the P3O foundation level is to confirm that you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the P3O guidance to interact effectively with, or act as an informed member of, an office within a P3O model. P3O will help you to establish, develop and maintain appropriate support structures to facilitate decision making, benefits realization and successful delivery of projects and programmes. ​The foundation qualification is a pre-requisite for the practitioner qualification.

What you will learn

  • Ensure consistent delivery of projects and programmes and meet business objectives through effect use of resources.
  • Develop capability, capacity and risk models to suit the organizational maturity culture.
  • Help identify potential opportunities to be realized, exploited or enhanced as part of risk analysis.
  • Ensure that the strategies and performance requirements of your organization are realized via projects, programmes and operational business units.
  • Improve organizational accountability, decision making, transparency and visibility.


There are no pre-requisites for this course, although a basic knowledge of PRINCE2® and/or MSP® are helpful.

Who should attend?

Any member of an Portfolio, Programme and Project management Team, Support teams and offices and members of a Portfolio center of excellence.

P3O Foundation certification

Upon successful completion of the training and examination, students will receive the P3O Foundation certification.

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