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Lean IT at a.s.r. insurance company


Optimize the IT value chain, focusing on information management, application development and maintenance by reducing costs and optimizing the throughput.

“Over 9 million of cost savings and 80% more effectiveness in incident solving.”


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About a.s.r. insurance

a.s.r. insurance has more than 4,000 employees and a turnover of € 4.5 billion. The company serves both the private and commercial market in the areas of damage, health, life, pension and disability insurance. The company also provides mortgage and banking services and is active in real estate. In its own words, this insurance company justifies its existence by putting the customer first. Its aim is to combine easy to understand, simple and efficient business processes with a solid financial base.

Key Challenge

a.s.r. objective was to structural manage and reduce cost, necessary to enhance its competitiveness. The reduction in cost needed to result from the optimization of the IT supply chain (information management and service teams). Specifically, this meant saving 20% by redesigning the information management and application development process (integration and simplification). Bottlenecks in the IT value chain where a complex decision-making process, excessively long process-chain with many transfer and intake moments and a complex and labor-intensive resource management process. These bottlenecks resulted in a low customer satisfaction, production delays, high costs and low productivity. Quint’s assignment: optimize the IT chain focusing on information management, application development and maintenance by reducing costs and optimizing the throughput.

The Approach

Quint started a phased process, focusing on creating support within the organization. During the analysis phase, data was collected by means of a bottom-up approach in which information was collected from the employees and an objective benchmark. The BiSL framework was used to map potential savings. Quint guided the organization through the implementation phase using Lean principles.  The benchmark identified potential savings of 9 million by redesigning the processes and the realization of structural change in the organization by introducing Lean & Agile principles. Implementing Kaizen principles puts focus on KPIs and clear roles and responsibilities.


Quint achieved significant savings of over 9 million, while greatly improving quality of the IT delivery. These savings were realized through a 30% increase in IT performance and a reduction of the resolution time of incidents from 8 hours to 2 hours. In addition, the processes were simplified allowing the same work amount of work to be done with fewer people while achieving a culture of continuous improvement. One of the elements of this success was the project’s broad support and that more and more people got on board.


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