Healthcare and Life Sciences

Value-based care and vertical integration, supported by cutting-edge technology


Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare organizations aim to provide flexible, efficient care, and patients and clients expect nothing less. In a digital society, this requires new approaches to strategy, processes and technology. The healthcare sector is shifting towards value-based care and vertical integration, supported by cutting-edge developments in life sciences. Digital support and secure online access is relevant in a wide range of care processes, connecting vital patient information systems without compromising confidentiality or privacy. eHealth portals and patient access to their own medical records (EHR) empower patients and improve data accuracy, but also raise a new set of data security risks and compliance issues.

Fragmented vendor landscape demands a clear digital strategy

New developments in life sciences require healthcare providers to set new investment priorities. Identifying relevant, necessary innovations is the first step, but linking these data sources to legacy systems can also be a complex undertaking. Examples include domotics, robotics, wearables and various other solutions for patient risk management, medical imaging, and real-time monitoring. Where IT solutions for the healthcare sector were once provided by three or four major suppliers, the surge in innovative technologies has led to increasing fragmentation: the latest trends are dominated by a wide range of smaller companies that have a shorter track record. A clear digital strategy is required to ensure that investments in innovation are matched to relevant target groups and integrated effectively. Quint supports healthcare organizations in making fundamental choices regarding business models, management structures and technology investments.

Complex compliance and governance

Cost control remains a major consideration. As the costs of care continue to soar, healthcare providers are simultaneously trying to cut costs and boost revenue. Complex compliance and governance issues necessitate detailed financial tracking, as care organizations respond to pressures from health insurers, government authorities, and patients. In healthcare systems that are not driven by profit, organizations aim to re-use existing value, integrate technical solutions more effectively, and reinvest cost savings strategically. Quint has extensive experience in supporting clients in addressing their compliance and governance challenges.

Patient self-management facilitated by data analytics and AI

The patient side of healthcare is changing as well. New options for patient self-management are allowing chronic patients to receive remote care, reducing outpatient hospital visits and freeing up hospital beds. Applied data analytics and artificial intelligence create new opportunities for predicting the course of care. Moreover, care chains within hospitals are going regional, extending the primary care process to include proactive monitoring and integrated care after hospitalization. 

Ideally, the patient, family, the general physician, and follow-up care providers are all involved in the process, with connected IT systems behind the scenes ensuring a seamless flow of information. The ultimate aim here is achieving a coherent Continuum of Care. Quint works closely with health insurers and healthcare organizations in various countries, supporting them in optimizing IT-intensive processes, sourcing IT solutions and improving the stability, sustainability and compliance of IT services.

Restructuring for agility

In line with these trends, hospitals are restructuring, moving away from isolated departments and creating value chains based e.g. on teaching, care, research and business management. Healthcare providers need to embrace Lean, Agile management to respond more effectively to changes and trends, anticipating or responding to opportunities and challenges – in their core business as well as their IT-intensive processes. Quint supports healthcare organizations in their digital transformation, working together to define and implement a sustainable digital strategy.

Effective digital strategy

Quint Wellington Redwood (Quint for short) is a global, independent boutique consulting firm, helping organizations to design and optimize IT-intensive processes, services and organizations. Our consultancy focuses on supporting our clients in getting the most out of their existing and new IT by defining and implementing an effective digital strategy. Together with our clients, we build roadmaps that facilitate fast and effective change, anticipating or responding to opportunities and threats. We bring technology and its application to life.

Connecting business & technology

We challenge our clients and ourselves to improve continuously, realizing tangible value together. Quint connects business and technology by sharing knowledge and arranging partnerships to accelerate change and innovation. We develop teams and people using new ways of collaboration and leadership, so that all those involved can realize their full potential and grow within the organization. Being lean and agile is at the core of everything we do.

Sustainable transformation

Quint regards people, processes and technology as factors that strengthen each other. Together, they are the basis of sustainable change. We use analysis, design and implementation to connect and improve these factors. Through training and coaching our clients, we empower their ability to change, so that they can continue their transformation after the end of Quint’s involvement.


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