Lean IT Essentials – Lean IT Leadership as the Key to successful Lean Transformation

Leadership plays a critical role in the success of organizations. This is also true for the successful application of Lean principles within any type organization that wishes to focus on customer value and achieve the strategic and financial advantages from moving to a Lean environment. Unfortunately, leadership is an often seen as an art form that some people have and others do not. In Lean IT Leadership, participants learn what they can do to become an effective Lean IT Leader. Applying Lean IT Leadership principles helps IT management regain control, identify the right level of interaction with their workforce, and move their focus to achieving long term results.

Over the past years, Quint consultants have coached many IT leaders in their quest to apply Lean principles both within their IT organizations and to their own work. Quint invites you to watch this video to learn about how the development of Lean IT Leadership will contribute to the successful application of Lean IT principles and techniques.

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