Lean IT Essentials – Lean IT Metrics

IT managers are faced with substantial changes in their working environments, not just technology but also the insights in how best to manage an IT organization. ITIL, Agile, Lean IT, DevOps, what do these methods and frameworks mean for what IT organizations need to measure and manage? Getting the right metrics in place will provide the peace of mind and insights to steer your IT organization in your chosen strategic direction. Start now! Over the past years, Quint consultants have worked with many IT managers and management teams to identify the performance indicators that will help them to achieve their goals.

In this video, Niels Loader will share the insights we have gained in determining and implementing metrics within IT, particularly focusing on the metrics used in a Lean IT organization. Niels will identify the key pitfalls and successful strategies for getting to the right metrics and making them work.

IT Service Management, Lean IT