Video: Lean Portfolio Management in SAFe

In order to maximize the impact of lean-agile product development, we must effectively align our teams to shared goals, coordinate to deliver value, drive continuous improvement, and regularly assess and evaluate business outcomes against ever-changing customer needs and competitive environments. In this video, we cover how leaders can foster innovation and enable their vision through excellent Lean Portfolio Management.

In this video we will cover

  • The key areas of responsibility for Lean Portfolio Management
  • Techniques for defining and maintaining a portfolio vision
  • Establishing portfolio flow and fostering innovation
  • Lean budgeting practices and balancing investments
  • Lean Portfolio Management in practice


Kevin Romijn is an experienced Consultant with Quint, and one of the thought leaders on Agile and DevOps. He has experience in transforming organizations dealing with low performance, unknown capacity, average quality and low predictability into making them high performance.

Andrew Sales is an experienced Agile Consultant with SAFe and previously led the Agile Services Practice across EMEA for CA Technologies (formerly Rally). Drawing on his diverse range of skills and experiences from project management, software development, product management and sales, Andrew has worked with many organizations to help them successfully establish better ways of working. He is passionate about continuous improvement and provides coaching to teams and leaders, supporting them in achieving improved outcomes for their business and their customers.

Agile, Lean IT