Quint once again awarded top ratings as outsourcing advisor

Amsterdam/New York, 2017 – IAOP has named consultancy firm Quint Wellington Redwood on the 2017 World’s Best Outsourcing Advisors® list. An independent, international jury made up of experts awarded Quint the highest possible scores in four categories: Customer References, Awards & Certifications, Programs for Innovation and Programs for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Listed as one of the Super Stars of the Global Outsourcing 100®

With these latest four top scores, Netherlands-based Quint places itself ahead of many large international players and is a World’s Best Outsourcing Advisor once again in 2017. As Quint has been named on the IAOP list six times in a row, the consultancy firm is now also listed as one of the Super Stars of the Global Outsourcing 100® with the designation “Sustained Excellence”.

Sustainable Sourcing

Since 2016, IAOP has included corporate social responsibility (CSR) in its assessment. The key element in this regard is that sourcing advisors must demonstrate how they incorporate CSR into their projects. For several years, Quint has been working on making sustainable sourcing one of the main principles on which it bases the implementation of projects. “CSR is actually a relatively new concept for the entire sector – and on top of that, in this case it’s specifically about outsourcing. The average score of the companies on the list shows that there is a lot of room for improvement,” explains Alex Van den Bergh, head of Quint’s Sourcing Advisory Practice. “I am proud to see that Quint, with the highest possible score in this category, is ahead of the rest of the sector. This result encourages us and challenges us to continue to work hard on CSR.”

Customer satisfaction, focus and innovation ahead of size and growth

A maximum score for Programs for Innovation, this year again substantially higher than the market average, is proof of Quint’s continuous development of its service provision. “Our strength lies in this area”, according to Van den Bergh. “And this is also reflected in the maximum score for Customer References awarded to us based on our clients’ feedback. We are incredibly proud of the continuing confidence our clients have in us. This score shows that the market recognizes the impact of our unique approach.” Quint has received an average score in the category Size and Growth for a number of years. Van den Bergh is not bothered by this: “Our ambition is not to be the biggest; we prefer to focus on the things we do well. We are growing, but organically – not through takeovers – so that we can retain our company culture. Right now we are more than big enough to serve our clients all over the world.”

You can read the full jury report on www.iaop.org and the results will be published in early June 2017 in a special section of the Fortune 500 issue of Fortune magazine.

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