Results of the 2017 IT Outsourcing Study for Spain

Outsourcing is no longer just about saving’

✓ The difficulty of access to talent, and the demand for transformation and innovation are becoming increasingly important drivers when outsourcing technology
✓ 80% of participants said they will maintain or increase their levels of outsourcing
✓ Providers evaluate companies as underskilled in their sourcing management capabilities

Madrid, 24 November 2017. For the first time, the difficulty of access to resources has overtaken the need to reduce costs as the main driver for large Spanish companies when initiating a process to outsource their technology. Other reasons, such as the demand for business transformation and innovation, have consolidated or scaled positions in this ‘2017 IT Outsourcing Study for Spain’. This trend is above average among companies in the financial sector, while it is significantly lower in the public sector (Fig. 4).

214 executives from the areas of Finance and Technology (CIOs and CFOs) participated in the study conducted by Whitelane Research and consultancy firm Quint Wellington Redwood, who evaluated around 700 outsourcing contracts, covering approximately 85% of the market. “This shift in the reasons why organizations consider an outsourcing initiative is only the tip of the iceberg in a new business scenario where the speed of technology assimilation is key to transformation and therefore, to the survival of companies,” explains Juan Manuel González, Sourcing Lead at Quint Wellington Redwood Iberia.

The results of the study show that 80% of the firms consulted will maintain or increase their level of outsourcing in the coming two years, which confirms the levels of growth the sector is experiencing. Only 6% of participants intend to reduce their investments. Jef Loos, director of research at Whitelane Research, highlights the huge development of outsourcing in Spain compared to the European average: “This same study was performed in 13 European countries, and different results were obtained,” he explains. (Fig. 2).

In this regard, the level of client/provider satisfaction on the Spanish market is high compared to the other countries studied. 92% of clients said they were satisfied with their provider, especially in areas such as service quality, account management and business understanding. In terms of the highest ranked providers, Everis and Ibermática lead the rankings for another year with a joint score of 81%. In second place, with 78%, are Accenture, Capgemini and DXC Technology, followed by Vodafone and Atos with 77%. (Fig. 25).

In general, clients and providers have very different views regarding client capabilities in managing their transition and governance. 84% of clients are more or less satisfied with their current skills, whereas only 28% of providers evaluate their clients as mature in this area. (Fig. 8).

Fig. 2 What are your organization’s outsourcing plans for the coming two years?


Fig. 4. Why are you considering a new outsourcing initiative?

¿Cuáles son las razones por las que está considerando una nueva iniciativa de Outsourcing?

Fig. 8. Do you think your clients are sufficiently skilled in the following areas?

¿Considera que sus clientes están suficientemente capacitados en los siguientes ámbitos?

Fig. 25. General satisfaction with outsourcing contract.

Satisfacción general con el contrato de Oursourcing

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