ITSM Essentials – Creating Your IT Service Management Business Case

Although intuitively, IT organizations have a good idea of the reasons why they should embark on an ITSM journey. We have a hard time to express the need, and value, of implementing and utilizing the best practices. We are trying to convince our executives, but they keep pushing back, and give priority to other projects. So, what should we be putting in a business case that would provide better insight for executives, and make it easier for them to decide in favor of the ITSM project.And then we have convinced everybody that we should start this project. How are we now making sure that we keep the momentum going from an executive perspective. How are we making sure that we show them and convince them, during the project, that we will deliver the value that we promised.

In this video you will get some insight on creating a business plan, and how you can show your leaders that the project is going to be successful. Get insight on how you can create a business case for your ITSM journey and how you can make sure that you track the actual achievements related to that business case.

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