Video – DevOps and ITSM training

Bridging the gap between DevOps and ITSM. Quint introduce a new one-day training course that lays the foundation of combining IT Service Management (ITSM) and DevOps. This 10-minutes video will provide you with an overview of the set-up, objectives and topics of this DevOps & ITSM training course. The training focuses on the essential knowledge of the two different worlds, ITSM and DevOps, and how they complement each other. It helps you understand how DevOps fits perfectly with ITSM. The various group discussions and the case study are the primary ingredients of this training course and will help you understand the DevOps movement in your organization. The training contains how best value for the customer can be obtained, with essential knowledge about the different worlds of ITSM and DevOps.

DevOps, IT Service Management