Video: Lean IT in a virtual way

Maximizing customer value has always been the core of good IT service delivery and it has become more important as we are forced to rethink how we achieve this during this period of uncertainty. The core idea of how this can be done is by applying Lean thinking into our IT service delivery which is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. Simply, Lean means creating more value for customers with fewer resources.

In this video, we will look at how Lean can be applied through a more virtual channel and how it can continue to deliver customer value. We will also consider some tools, such as Kanban and Value Stream Mapping, that we can leverage to help continue to look at how we organize work and understand value streams while having to work remotely out of our home offices and collaborating through virtual productivity tools.


Sean LowSean Low is a senior consultant at Quint, with over 25 years of working experience which includes 15 years in IT service management, with roles ranging from service delivery consultant to service delivery manager in various local and international companies worldwide. He also has deep experience in managing IT services and process development in international non- profit organizations.


Michiel de BoerMichiel de Boer is Director Consulting Asia for Quint. He has an excellent 26 years track record in consulting, project and organizational change management in numerous international organizations. He is experienced in translating business objectives and strategies into manageable deliverables, initiating quick wins, and creates an environment for continuous improvement. Michiel has a strong strategic view on business development and at the same time, he is very hands-on in execution.

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