Video: Managing IT Services virtually with IT Service Management

Does IT support need to be in the office – the answer is No. Many of the support services are not done in the data center itself. Most work can be done remotely by connecting to the servers over the network. The only time you need to be at the server side is when something physically needs to be replaced like a Hard Drive, network card, or add physical memory. Other than these, the majority of other tasks can be performed remotely which is good, but how do you make sure that people do what they are supposed to do? This is where processes step in, to ensure that procedures are constantly adhered to in order to ensure seamless delivery of IT services.

In this video, we will look at how having matured IT Service Management processes contribute to working virtually to keep IT Services running and the business operating.


Kevin DuttonKevin Dutton is a senior consultant at Quint with over 29 years of working experience in ICT industry. As a certified ITIL Managing Professional and ITIL Expert, Kevin has been involved in a large number of international consultancy assignments and training as well as coaching in the implementation of IT Service Management and ISO/IEC 20000.


Tze Lin KuiTze Lin Kui is an experienced consultant at Quint Wellington Redwood. As a certified trainer and coach, he helps organizations to create awareness, cultivate desire, build capabilities and manage organizational change to achieve high performance IT through the adoption of best practices such as DevOps, Agile, Lean IT, and ITIL.