Video – Leadership; Leading with respect is not a soft skill

“Some people think respect for people is being polite and courteous, but we’re not talking about being nice. This is about the organization being successful. Leading with respect is not a soft skill.”

The last years have shown an increasing number of IT leaders looking at Agile, Lean IT and DevOps to ensure their organizations are able to deliver with the speed and quality required in the current age. We see IT organizations deploying code multiple times a day with extremely high quality. Striving for these results is becoming the norm. These changes are substantial. They need leaders with vision and execution power to be successful. Leadership is THE key success factor for all organizational transformations. Whether you are transforming your IT organization based on Agile, Lean IT, DevOps or another set of principles, there is one common aspect that is the root of success in each case: Leadership.

In this video, Niels Loader (Quint Wellington Redwood) shares his insights on Leadership in transformations and the skills needed to develop IT organizations that are capable of significant change.

Agile, DevOps, Leadership, Lean IT