ITSM Essentials – Overcoming Challenges in Your ITSM Journey

Often IT organizations have identified the need, and can understand the value in implementing and utilizing some of the disciplines that the ITSM practices have to offer in order to improve the delivery of services. But the first challenge is in establishing a starting point for the most effective improvement opportunities and determining where to begin the journey. Establishing how to assess and baseline the current conditions, and determining which opportunities will gain the most traction for breaking out of the status quo, while being cognizant of the organizations agility in absorbing the service delivery changes is the first key to achieving the goals.

What is typically one of the biggest challenges is in understanding the IT organizational culture and identifying the acceptable rate of changes, as well as the key stakeholders that will be most affected. Understanding the landscape of organizational resources, and determining your level of buy-in amongst those resources, will assist in mitigating the inevitable resistance to change that any service improvement project will encounter. Once the opportunities have been narrowed to the most effective and efficient starting list, and the key stakeholders have been identified and rallied, it is appropriate to build an “ITSM Road Map” to success. Identifying and staying within the scope of any initiatives begins with formal project planning (using traditional or Agile methodologies) and typically using the Road Map to break down the opportunities into manageable phases.

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